A Glimpse of My World

Thank you for visiting my blog!  This is the one place where I am  real and unfiltered…which can be good and bad.  I’m not the most “together” person in the universe.  I’m actually a mess.  But I appreciate you tolerating my messiness and listening to stories about my struggles as I share my thoughts and observations.  If nothing else, you can come away from here feeling good about not being me!!!

I will caution you that, while the language used in my blog is mostly inoffensive, the topics will frequently include what I feel and experience as the result of being sexually abused by my father, physically abused by both parents, verbally and emotionally abused and rejected by the significant people in my life and struggling with an eating disorder.  If this is offensive to you, I would suggest you not explore my posts.  I am not trying to gather a large following.  My only hope is to connect with others who struggle in silence.  To let them know they are not alone.  To be a voice for those who still can’t speak.

These things I talk about are hard, dark, sensitive topics…ones that some people find deeply disturbing and offensive.   I find them disturbing too, but they happened to me, so they are a huge part of my life experience and definitely had a gigantic impact on making me the person I am today.   I apologize in advance if you are uncomfortable with what I write.  But the words come from my heart and my pain.  This is what I know.  It is about my life and my blog is intended to give you a glimpse of my world…the world of one who has been abused, wounded and broken.

2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of My World”

  1. Dear Broken Wings,

    A message from The Netherlands. I am a 38 year old woman.

    You write very beautifully. I can see this even though my English is not very good. You are very intelligent and sensitive. I am very sorry for everything they did to you when you were a child. Day in, day out. They should never have done these things to you. They should have loved you and taken very good care of you.

    Also they should have helped you later on in life. Why can’t our society take care of people who are broken? This is insane.

    My life is empty, I have no friends, but I hope one day things will be better.
    I was not abused, but my parents didn’t take care of me very well either.
    I am childless too.

    I wish I could help you but I have nothing more to offer than these words.

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