I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about diversity so much lately.  It may be because the State Diversity Conference I attended several weeks ago was such a disastrous, discouraging and disappointing experience.  It was.  All of that.  And it has weighed heavily on my mind. And on my heart.

Today, as I was chewing on my thoughts, I found myself thinking about bugs.  Yes…bugs. Crazy, right?

Bugs are not a subject on which I would normally dwell.  I don’t really like bugs.  They creep me out.  But as I thought about them, it suddenly occurred to me how many different kinds of bugs exist in the world.  And that’s when I realized something kind of amazing. Something kind of cool.

God loves variety.

He created an incredible amount of variety on this planet.  An incredible number of different kinds of bugs.  Yeah, bugs.

Do we really need a gazillion different varieties of bugs on earth?  Do we need thousands of different kinds of birds?  Or fish?  Or mammals?  Or people?

In reality, probably not.  But God created them (yes, I believe in God and that He created this world).  He created us, all of us, and He made a zillion different varieties of the same species…of bugs, of mammals, of people.   He created them, us, then He looked at all He created and said it was good.

He said variety is good.

God loves variety.

God created diversity.

He made each snowflake different.  He made each person different.  He made a zillion kinds of bugs, all different.  He made a zillion kinds of people.  All different.

There is a beauty in variety.  The species is the same, but there is still an incredible, beautiful variety.

This tells me that diversity is part of the plan.  Part of God’s plan.    It tells me that our differences are to be treasured.  It tells me it’s important that we recognize the fact that we have really big, amazing differences, even though we are part of the same species.  And that, in spite of our differences, we are still the same species.  Maybe alike in more ways than we realize.

Diversity means recognizing our differences, embracing our differences, while also recognizing the ways in which we are the same.  The same species.  The same inside. With the same hopes, desires, needs and dreams.

It means loving our differences because, beneath all the ways in which we vary, we are still people.  Humans.  Alike.

It means embracing the ways in which we are different while embracing the ways in which we are the same.

It means connecting.  In spite of differences.  Because of all the ways we are alike.

There is beauty in our variety.  There is beauty in each of us in spite of the fact that we are not in any way like each other.  Because there is incredible beauty in all the ways we are the same.  And different.  And alike.  And different.

Such an amazing variety.  Such a beautiful, incredible, wonderful variety.

Variety is God’s plan.  It is a wonderful, lovely plan.  He knew what He was doing.  Making us all different.  Making us all the same.



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