Snowflakes.  They’re all different.

We’re all different, just as snowflakes are different.

But we’re all snowflakes. We’re different, but the same.  We’re all unique.  But we’re all snowflakes.  Human beings.

We’re all people.


Together, snowflakes create a beautiful landscape.  They overcome the darkness of bare, ugly, brown earth.  When they join together, they can stop traffic.

Together, we…all of us different, amazing people…can create a beautiful landscape.  We can overcome the darkness of life when we stand with each other.  When millions of us come together, we can change the world – we can change misunderstanding, hatred, judgment, bias.

When we stick together, we create beautiful things – snowballs, snowmen, snow forts, crystal landscapes.  Magical winter wonderlands.  When we come together, we create beautiful vistas.

When snowflakes stick together, they create incredible beauty.  They make the world soft, magical, fun, a place where you can ski, play and snow mobile.

When people, very different people, come together, we create a beautiful world.  We make that world fun and interesting and better.

We are snowflakes.  Very different people.  Totally unique.  But the same.

When we acknowledge and connect over the ways we are the same, we are free to appreciate our incredible and magnificent differences.  We can begin to love each other for those differences.  When we realize we share more than we don’t share.  When we realize we are alike in more ways than we are different.  Then we can come to love each other as we are, for who we are.  For what we are.  In spite of our dissimilarities.

That is true diversity.   Seeing our many differences while seeing the many ways that we are the same.  Loving the ways we are different while rejoicing in the many ways we are connected.  The many ways we are alike.

We are snowflakes.  All completely different.  All completely the same.

People.  With hurts, hopes, dreams, wounds.  Imperfections.

Snowflakes.  Different.  But alike when it all comes down to it.  Alike.  Unique.   Beautiful.

Snowflakes.  Incredible works of art.  Stronger when we stand together.  More exquisite when we connect.

There is so much beauty in being different.

There is so much beauty in being alike.

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